Acupuncture For Infertility Increases Chances of Pregnancy

The benefit of acupuncture, introduced and used for centuries to treat and give relief for many different types of ailments, is now being used to treat infertility. The effect of acupuncture, practiced by inserting very fine needles into different parts of the body, promotes good health, boosts the immune system, and releases more energy throughout the body. Specifically, it could stimulate blood flow and improve the function of the central nervous system; in addition, it could help to release endorphins. Acupuncture, often combined with different kinds of herbs, has been widely used among the people in the eastern part of the world as a natural remedy to help them recuperate from their ailment. Because of the benefits of acupuncture, practitioners are turning to acupuncture for infertility treatments.How can acupuncture help people with infertility problems? Studies have shown that acupuncture is very effective in treating infertility. Unfortunately, this finding lacked consideration among the Western medical practitioners until recently. In April 2002, German researchers conducted an experiment among infertile women. They specifically wanted to test the use of acupuncture for infertility treatment. Half of the women received in vitro fertilization, while the other half received the same procedure plus two acupuncture sessions. The results were remarkable. Half of the women who received in vitro fertilization plus the two sessions of acupuncture was successful in conceiving, compared to those who just underwent in vitro fertilization treatment alone. Most of the women who conceived experienced less ectopic pregnancies and even miscarriages.

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With all the medical technologies available in today’s world, herein lies the question. How does acupuncture really help those infertile couples to get pregnant? One way to prove that acupuncture could really help people overcome their infertility is to show how it can actually help regulate their bodies’ system and function. Stimulation by the needles regulates the flow of the blood especially for the internal organs. The right flow of blood on the uterus could help it to ovulate and thicken the endometrium walls, which in turn creates the best place for implantation of the egg. A thick endometrium lining increases the chance of getting an egg to ovulate.Other benefits of acupuncture, when it comes to treating infertility, are balancing the hormones and the production of the eggs. Therefore, when combined with infertility treatments and procedures, such as the in vitro fertilization, the chance of getting pregnant and of carry the child for a full term is 100 percent positive. Acupuncture could also help cure other reproductive problems such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, spasmed tubes, and could prevent the risk of having a miscarriage.Even men can experience great benefits from acupuncture. Acupuncture could increase their sperm production. Reports also indicate that acupuncture could help men with sperm DNA fragmentation. Combined with the right kind of infertility procedure and treatment, the chance of getting pregnant is possible now for infertile couples, and since then, many have already used this kind of treatment with successful results.

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If couples want to try acupuncture for infertility as a means to increase their chances of conceiving, then they have to make sure that they use a licensed acupuncturist. A reason to make sure the practitioner is licensed is that misuse of this treatment could lead to a miscarriage. In addition, when turning to acupuncture, the couples themselves need to make sure that the female is not already pregnant when she undergoes treatment. If she is pregnant, the risk is that with one wrong insertion of a needle lies the possibility of the loss of the unborn child. Properly administered, acupuncture is an old, but effective, means of helping today’s infertile couples conceive.

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